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That day my mother was ill and she was bedridden when we were hunting the prowler. According to the localities this prowler was attacking only after midnight women and girl childs were only attacked. The victims were shredded from……(pages burned)………outside ……(pages burned)………. I and my fellow hunters were there waiting for this prowler to attack after midnight.

Written by Sidharth Ranjan Sarangi, B.Tech (Ag) 3rd Year


Ghosts , Demons , Monsters, The super naturals These are the different names of them, throughout my life I hunted some and some of them hunted me and killed my beloved , these were “atrupta atma” or the lost souls who were not able to go to heaven or hell and some of them were made by the deities these were more powerful than the lost souls. I ………(pages burned)pattajoshi……..pages burned


“Rajan stop reading those old books, study engineering books not those old useless books and that dairy that is burned, so throw them out” Rajan’s mother said , Rajan replied “I will ,just let me read this one you never let me read these when I was child and now you were telling these are useless and burned, let me tell you these are the legacy of our ancestors and I don’t want to hear throw that or these next time ok.”  “ok”  mother replied and told “ sleep early don’t stay up all night its already 10:45, good night” Rajan replied “good night maa”

Rajan Starts reading


That day my mother was ill and she was bedridden when we were hunting the prowler. According to the localities this prowler was attacking only after midnight women and girl childs were only attacked. The victims were shredded from……(pages burned)………outside ……(pages burned)………. I and my fellow hunters were there waiting for this prowler to attack after midnight. Then suddenly a pale purple light with heavy thundering sound at light speed summoned throughout nowhere and was directed towards my village. We mounted our horses and chased the light, then suddenly at a house it disappeared to be precise it teleported inside the house we went inside and witnessed the demon transforming into shiny small particles and went inside of her body through her breath we woke her up but she was half possessed by the demon and she was conscious while the demon was eating her , her shouts were unhearable it was like she was in pain and someone blocked her mouth from shouting, as a result her throat to burst and made the terrible sound , we all witnessed that terrible view. After second the pale light  reappeared and started running in the direction of my home ,my fellow hunters were there and unware of the demon escaping . I started following that demon alone the demon did the same with my mother but I didn’t let her breath by forcefully inhaling those shiny particles but it was effectless the demon possessed my mother and killed. When he was killing her from inside I chose to save the world than saving my world so I stabbed the holy weapon gifted by the old gods in my mother’s heart. Then the demon was trapped in her body so I did burn her body in the traditional way without any tantric activity and after that there was no prowler attacks , I realized I did the right thing.

Rajan stops reading

“oh its midnight

Ok its time to sleep” Rajan blabbered and slept.

The next moring his mother was dead,  doctors said that it was a total organ failure and some of her organs were bursted. After the 11th day  Rajan  returned and again  starts reading the dairy.


these were summer days and I was using the holy weapon as a  fan because it could control all the five elements and I was alone after hunting the “bahoroopi” or mimics my fellow hunters were fallen into their trap but I killed them all by the grace of the holy one. Mimics greatest weakness is they will not attend the natures call, they will not fear any animal in rage or you cant scare them by sound, so when their guard is down you can kill them by stabbing a knife into their eye………pages burned…(Rajan stops reading)

The next day

Rajan goes to college, attends class”attend all roll call” mam shouted




and at last goes to his girlfriend to talk

Rajan said “ I missed you priya” , priya replied “yeah ,miss you,miss you”

Rajan asked” your mood off “ priya replied “lets go to the old temple “

Rajan asked “ that’s a broken temple what we are going to do there”

Priya replied “ we will repair that”

Rajan said “ok” knewing that her mood  was off and accepted. While going to temple it was a little cloudy and little thundering were their and suddenly a bolt of thunder blasted a tree in front of them and Rajan got scared and ducked but priya was standing straight. Rajan remembered the dairy and thought she was a mimic then SUDDENLY “oh these are stories” he said to himself. There was a herd of buffalo grazing in the near field and suddenly another bolt of zeus and every buffalo ran towards the couple. They were near the temple and Rajan ran towards it. While running his legs were tangled by some vines and he fell.  Then he saw priya standing in the middile of the running herd and every buffalo avoiding her, then he realized her careless talk , not fearing the thunder and buffaloes avoiding hers was not coincident she is a mimic, he confirmed, then took a half blunt wood and stabbed it in her eyes. She turned into ashes then he ran to her home for telling her parents that their daughter was missing but when he reached there was police. He asked the police what happened and they replied they found a dead body In a nearby well and its spine and skull were not there by dna test it was confirmed that it was their daughter.

Rajan realized these are not stories the further he was reading more of his beloved were dying then he stopped reading. Later that day when he was brushing in front of the mirror and a rail of dark smoke went behind him he turned back and was scared “oh why these things are happening to me” said to himself. A deep low pitched voice loudly said “mere human, start reading” he covered his ears in fear but the same sentences echoed for a minute. “oh at last it stopped “ (starts brushing) looks into the mirror there were two bright red glowing eyes were behind him he was terrified and flew away from there.

Now he starts reading the last page ,there was an incomplete mantra, he starts chanting the mantra in hope he will get rid of these all mishaps.

Rajan “BHO MAHAT KSA DRAHA, TABA NIDRASHYU DRAHASCHA HANTA ETE SUSKA MANABAAHA( it means oh great demon rise and kill humans )” Rajan unknowingly the meaning of the mantra he chanted and after the third time a terrible 10 armed figure with 10 bright red glowing eye was in front of him. Now he trembled with fear and the tall figure stated-

“Fool,you freed me I will let you live, look in front of you human, your great grandfather is the reason you are here, he theft my scripting, my writings(roaring) he trapped me in 2 connected traps,(laughs) he was intelligent but he wasn’t a God, after I released from The holy chains of Brahma(name of the first trap) I killed him instantly shredded him into thousand pieces and it triggered the second trap which I was unaware of and that was my soul will be inside that book forever, until someone reads half of my writings which was copied by that wicked human”

The demon flies into the sky breaking the sealing of the house.

Rajan kneels and starts reading the dairys last pages in hope to kill the mighty demon.


Shira-khanda an evil tantric, intelligent as Shukracharya, was consumed by dark magic and today he is going to make a powerful demon from the remains of a god and a daitya. He has made dummy and hid parts of the god remains inside the dummy. I went there to the ……….pages burned…….

Rajan “stupid dairy it is useless” threw the dairy into nearby burning fire.

Went to sleep, the next moring

“oh at last someone is not dead ” goes to watch the tv. Turns on the tv “I have to know about the 8th pay scale I must watch news” switchs to a news channel.

Headlines “Massacre throughout the city by a demon, thousands of people are dead , impossible to count because all their body parts are shreded, roads are turned to blood rivers, now even the military is involved to stop the colossus, the colossus was last spotted near the hotsprings”

Rajan “what have I done! I have to do something, there are more books in the shelf there should be a remedy” searches intensely but lost hope of finding any clue then he finds a letter written by his great grandfather to his younger brother, he instantly checks the address and now he knows the name of his great grand father his name was  ROUDRADEV PATTAJOSHI(a title given by the kings of that era). Rajan mumbles”because of you not only me but also the whole world is in danger” again starts searching then  he found a secret tiny hidden chamber there was a crystal in it. On the crystal there was a riddle written it stated

“A demon in the pit                                                                                                                                                          who eats dead meat                                                                                                                                                                                 blood of their heir is the ink                                                                                                                                                                    which the demon drinks                                                                                                                                                                                                              the demon will change their fate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and they will reincarnate”


And on the backside of it was written madhuban. Rajan knew about the great madhuban , it was a dense jungle situated nearby. He cracked the riddle little bit and was aware that this pit where the demon resides is in madhuban. Now he decided to go on a expedition to search this demon in hope to get rid of all the mishaps. He took the crystal went to nearby jungle.

In the jungle he started searching for this pit. Even after 4 hours there was no sign of this pit.he was tired and sat near a tree watching the setting sun. Suddenly the crystal started shining as the sun has half dipped in the mountains in front of him. Rajan threw the crystal as he was scared, when the crystal touched the ground the glowing footsteps started appearing in the earth Rajan picked up the crystal and followed the footsteps. He reached at the pit.

There was no sign of the demon. Then he remembered the riddile “A demon in the pit                                                                                                                    who eats dead meat” that means I require some dead meat to attract this demon, fourtunately there was a dead body of a deer hunted by an unknown animal, Rajan pulled that deers dead body near to the pit. Suddenly a demon appeared from inside the pit and started devouring the deer. Rajan in thoughts “everything is  happening according to the riddle but still there is some part which I am missing in the last part there was-heir’s blood is  the ink which the demon drinks and will change the fate  they will reincarnate” (Rajan thoughts) “yeah got it the person who will reincarnate his name should be written with the ink which is their heir’s blood, that means root of all these things “the great great grandfather” can be reincarnated , I should write his name with my blood in front of the demon” Rajan did  as he said and the demon opened a portal connecting to purgatory where the souls with a incomplete wish resides , and from the portal Roudradev comes out, and zap kills the reincarnating demon ,with some bright blue cosmic energy slash by  just moving his hands like sword, so that no  one ever again will be able to reincarnate anyone.

Rajan”why did you killed it” Roudradev replied (a deep Omniacceptable godlike voice) ”it was necessary child, we have to kill Adaitya as soon as possible, other wise  it will be a great danger”Rajan said(while returning home)”old man where is your holy weapon and how did you killed that demon with your bare hands, who is that 10 armed demon , how you are going you kill him, who is shira-khanda, which demon killed my mother, who is Adaitya say say something old man” Roudradev replied”calm down child I didn’t have any weapon I myself am the weapon, our ancestors has given us the powers from generation to generation, and I killed the reincarnation demon by bare hands because when the demon reincarnates any human, his abilities will be multiplied infinite times. Shira-Khanda is the creator of  all this mess he created a demon from the remains of an unknown old god  and blood of “amaparakta” ”  “wait who is Amaparakta” Rajan asked. Dev replied ”the other demonic threat of which we are unaware” Rajan said “we reached home, let us watch what that 10 foot demon has done and where it was last spotted”(turns on tv) on news-” A colossal hand of almost 3 km has erupted in the northern Himalayas” Rajan asked ”old man is this Amapa rakta”the old man saw the figure in the tv and replied “yes and we need to reach there as soon as possible Adaitya must have to be there to complete the rituals to wake Amaparakta up, I must stop him” Rajan said “just answer my questions” Roudradev replied “I will child but not now on the way I will”

They started their journey from Bhubaneswar to Bhuntar by plane then from bhuntar they took a train , from bhuntar the nouthern Himalayan regions were 221 km far. While on the train Rajan asked Roudradev “how my mother died” the old man replied “I don’t know ” Rajan said “whenever I read a story a demon or a ghost came to real life and killed someone” holy man replied “whose  story you have read before  the death of your mother” Rajan replies “prowler’s” the old man asked “how your mother died” Rajan replied “by total organ failure and her heart burst according to the doctors” the old man said “yes it was the prowler , prowler’s victims were hurt from the inside outside remains untouched” Rajan said “so it was the burned part ”so then tell me who is Adaitya” Rajan asked, roudradev replied “shadow of shira-khanda, made from the remains of an old god and the son of a daitya- Adaitya(not daitya), the 10 foot demon you freed, shira-khanda found some remains by touching it he knew it was the remains of an old god and Amaparakta is the last daitya, Amaparakta  gave his blood to shira-khanda and in order to complete the ritual he has to concentrate in the Himalayas  shirakhanda told him , before the completion of ritual I binded the remains of the gods by the chains of Brahma without shira-khanda’s awareness, I killed shirakhanda but unfortunately the ritual was complete by then the adaitya rise but was trapped but he was writing something on the soil I controlled him by the chains and started coping those writings before I finish Adaitya ,but Adaitya has the body parts of a God so he was able to free himself from the chains of Brahma , and killed me the rest you know ” .

Train stops announcer of the station-“Himalayas in 5 minutes” , “we are near” dev replied “I can sense them but Amaparakta is still in sleep” Rajan asked “how” Dev replied “he must have been frozen while concentrating and Adaitya’s work was to tell him that the ritual is complete, but  he was trapped in that book, he must have been weak since he was trapped in the book for a long time” Rajan said “he is not weak, he have killed uncountable since yesterday” roudradev suddenly ”brace yourself, child ” Rajan asked “what”, the train goes out of track. Rajan survived came outside and saw limbs of hundreds dismembered all over the place Rajan shouted” old man where are you” dev replied “behind you” Rajan asked “what happened” dev replied “he threw a boulder at us”  Rajan asked “who” from the skies Adaitya roars and says “me”.

The demon falls from the sky giving the two a shockwave, adaitya roars “embrace the true power of Adaitya humans, bare your fangs and show me what you have prepared for me” roudradev replied”we are prepared and now you will know how your ancestors were defeted”, Adaitya jumps towards Roudradev but in a blink his arms were riped off by roudradev’s airblades roudradev’s movements were as fast as light, the demon replied “so you are a God now” Dev replied “no you are weak , I can see your fathers hand erupting from the top of that mountain I will kill you both at once, just stay in front of me” they fought, adaitya roared “ ready for a rain of demons”, Adaitya opened a portal and demons from the past which roudradev allredy hunted came ,  Dev pulled out two swords from air and moved the swords in a gyroscopic way that no demon was able to escape that it looked like a sphere crushing the demons,  Rajan shouted old man ”Adaityas eyes were burning like hot rods” without any hesitation roudradev ripped his head off now the demon was headless instantly pulled out a spear from air and threw towards the demon that made a hole in the chest of the demon, Rodradevs spear was so powerful that it drilled the himalays and hit the heart of amaparakta causing both daitya part and god part bleeding at a time causing both  turn into ashes.

Rajan was speechless and asked  “old man what just happend”

Roudradev replied  ”adaitya was jealous, he was neither a daitya nor an ashura and that burned in his eyes, He thought he was weak which he wasn’t ”

“tell me how you killed them both” Rajan asked

Roudradev -“ Adaitya , half god half daitya , the god part was jealous by seeing such power of a daitya when it felt jelous it starts burning, it was first on his birth but i didn’t recognized that but now there is no threat. Roudradev’s  body starts disappearing, Rajan asked “what is happening to you old man” he replied ”it’s the end of all child stay safe , child”.







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