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Beneath autumn’s golden, sun-kissed grace,

Durga Puja’s splendor finds its place,

As Sashthi dawns, the city stirs,

With anticipation, hearts’ desires.


Tall idols stand in majestic grace,

In celebration’s sweet embrace,

As Saptami arrives, the fervor grows,

In every heart, devotion flows.


The dhak’s rhythmic beat,a melodic sound,

In perfect harmony, all around,

Ashtami’s radiance lights the way,

In Durga Ma’s divine display.


Her fiery gaze, a symbol so sweet,

Conquering darkness, making evil retreat,

On Navami, her strength shines bright,

Guiding us through day and night.


Families gather, with spirits high,

Offerings, prayers, paint the sky,

On Dashami, we bid adieu,

To the goddess we hold true.


A time of bonding, love’s warm embrace,

Durga Puja’s colors interlace,

On Vijaya Dashami, a triumphant grace,

In this rhythmic, sacred space.


Let the drums and conches play,

In our unique, joyful way,

Durga Puja’s beauty and sweet grace,

In every shade, in every place.


From Sashthi to Dashami, we partake,

In this sacred journey, for love’s sake,

In the myriad shades of devotion we see,

The timeless beauty of Durga Puja’s decree.


Written by Amitabha Bandyopadhyay, B.Sc. Ag 4th Year.

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