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Parichay Sherpa, a dweller in Kathmandu was spending leisure time with his granddaughter. Ruhi, his granddaughter was very much tempted to listen to stories which is a typical behaviour of any child in the age of 9. Thus, Parichay started by encountering his own witnessing story- the story of Tom Harris. Tom Harris was a dignified saint, had a very mythological urge of doing something extraordinary which would relish his thirst of service towards the Almighty. He has been practicing religious deeds since his childhood and has acquired several powers and skills within himself. Having a severe interest in supernatural practices his conduct became very much keen towards connection to the ultimate being. His severe determination bought him to his deserving results. Once he thought was their Bhagwat Geeta before Dvapara Yuga; was there Quran before Islamic foundation and Bible before Jesus Christ’s birth. Tom also thought of deleting these types of facts because at some corner he thought this may lead to controversy; sinfulness and many other redeeming notions but he couldn’t control his urge for his curiousness. He had a very keen desire to make himself encounter out of the way from his fellow beings in the monastery. He started experimenting with his body. Many a times he got posed as a victim to “sleeping paralysis”- which is in a way a scientific happening relating to displacement of energy from a body. The dream he wanted to acquire could only be achieved through rigorous meditation. Practicing every night with sheer concentration in the hills of Nepal following Buddhism maintained a nice pace in achieving quantum propulsion towards the attainment. In a double fortnight he found himself getting real visions in his mind-eye through “remote viewing”– of Tretayuga (Ramayana vision layering) which is again a scientific phenomenon; after few days he saw his future via mobile transmission of the neurotic balance through soul. In a virtual aspect he communicated to “Kakbhushandi” who was the first-time traveler according to Hindu Mythological Folklore. At last, he got benefited and found blessed by placing himself as a successful achiever after completing the expedition of “astral projection”. Starting from Adam & Eve and all the four Yugas encounter and 7th dimensional surfing along with many other skills like Psychokinesis made him a attain the path of self-actualization according to Abraham Maslow’s (Need of Hierarchy). He started his philanthropic initiation of giving the skillful power of mantras to the disciples by making them chant via morning sessions. Tom acqauiinted a lump-sum amount of fame and respect among the followers and masses came to meet him (like Baba Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham got a phenomenal welcome in Bihar). Time passed Tom has gained huge number of numbers which transformed his physicality- on his 93rd birthday a light of enlightment hired his soul for heavenly abode and duties. Thus, on 23rd April 1945 Saint Tom Harris, Head of Kathmandu Monastery, Nepal took Samadhi as a breathtaking identity (alongside the life in the body) in full meditative wakefulness. At the end Ruhi was totally astonished by the overwhelming parody of the saint and decided to make the story a weapon for her story writing competition which was about to be held 3 days later.


Written by Saikat Mukherjee, 3rd Year

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