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BARA BAKHARA CAVES:A Hidden home for Veer Surendra Sai

Bara Barkhra caves are associated with our Indian history of Independence where Odisha’s pride, our freedom fighter Veer Surendra Sai was hidden and fought with Britishers for Independence. While Surendra Sai and his followers were taking refuge at various places during the freedom struggle, Barabkhara was one of the safest places  for the rebels during the war. The revolutionaries were holding meetings besides making the strategies of the battle against the British at the cave

My experience:I am living in Bargarh dist. Of Odisha.In this winter break(25.12.22-5.1.23) I have been visited to BaraBakhara with my family members.It is around 47 km from Bargarh town.When  we enter we saw two waterfall .We went on a trip to the place where our freedom fighter and revolutionary Veer Surendra Sai was hidden while fighting with Britishers for our land and Independence, it’s Barabakhara waterfall and Caves and is located in the Ambavhana block of Bargarh District, Barapahad hill range. It’s the best place for a picnic and to enjoy nature and photography. Bara Barkhra caves are associated with our Indian history of Independence where Odisha’s pride, our freedom fighter Veer Surendra Sai was hidden and fought with Britishers for Independence.We enjoy a lot there,we cook food ,play in waterfall,click photos,enjoy the nature beauty.The guide introduce us to the place where Veer Surendra Sai hide himself from Britishers.

We than visit the Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary,where freedom fighters used to travel by horse.fact not known to many, the Debrigarh Sanctuary has played an important role in Western Odisha’s revolution against British invasion under the leadership of Veer Surendra Sai during 1830’s to 1860’s. During the period he took refuge here, he constructed chain of hill forts with stone and mud at the top of Debrigarh hills, along the principal roads connecting Sambalpur with Raipur, Ranchi and Cuttack. The forts were constructed in and around Debrigarh Sanctuary and its contiguous Barapahada hill range which stretches from Western Odisha along Hirakud Reservoir upto Singhoda of Chhatisgarh. And it was because of all the contribution of Sai for this place, more than 100 villages of Ambabhona block at Bargarh District, surrounding Barabakhra have continued to protect and conserve Debrigarh Sanctuary out of their sheer devotion towards Veer Surendra Sai.

My experience:We went by Bolero,first an elephant welcome us,than we went deep into the Sanctuary ,we see deer,mojitor lizard,sloth bear, chameleon,one leopard and Sambar.It isis a great experience with nature, biodiversity and ecosystem.

Divisional forest officer (DFO), Hirakud Wildlife Division, Anshu Pragyan Das said, “Because of the historic association of Surendra Sai with Debrigarh, the inhabitants around Barabakhra have a unique devotion towards him even today. To encourage them further to conserve the forest and wildlife in the coming days and to make people aware of Sai’s contribution, we have come up with the Memorial. She further said, “The pictorial representation of the major incidents besides war stories of the legendary freedom fighter in sequence will be depicted through the sculptures. A group of local artists are working on sculptures under the supervision of the local Eco-Development Committee. The work will be completed in around a month. We return home at evening with a great historical, ecological, environmental and diversified experience.


Written by – Ipsita Sahu, B.sc Ag 4th Year

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