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The fate of the marionette turned little boy remains shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation and imagination. Some envision the child attending school, embarking on a journey of growth and learning. He experiences the ups and downs of adolescence, grappling with the remnants of his puppet past. Over the years, he develops a unique connection with music and instruments, feeling more at home with them than with the musicians themselves.

However, as the years pass, the story takes a different turn. The boy grows into an awkward and isolated adolescent, facing rejection and hardship. Eventually, he becomes a skilled artist, working with wood, but harboring deep inner struggles. His father, once a loving artisan, now focuses on sustaining the workshop’s business.

The narrative takes a poignant twist when the boy meets a young cellist who offers him affection and comfort. Yet, their love story doesn’t have a fairy-tale ending, and they part ways as the boy’s unresolved issues prove challenging to overcome.

As time passes, the tale leaves behind the details of the boy’s life, with only hints of a transformation. He becomes a reclusive man, constructing wooden masks and a shining carapace to cover his aging flesh. Gradually, he dons an imposing armor, symbolic of his inner battles and isolation.

The story doesn’t conclude neatly, leaving readers to wonder about the true path the man follows. Whether he finds happiness, love, or fulfillment is left to the reader’s imagination, as the tale ends with an enigmatic image of a solitary man, with a single string, an eerie reminder of his former puppet existence, attached to his chest.

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