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On Halloween night, people didn’t pay much attention to the old traditions as their ancestors did. For centuries, this night was filled with eerie imaginations of the dead walking among the living. However, in the modern suburban neighborhood, Halloween lost its supernatural charm, becoming a day for children to dress up as monsters and go trick-or-treating.

In this quiet alley, a lone child dressed as a ghost with a red stain on his costume went from door to door, asking for treats. However, he received no response from the silent houses. The neighbors recalled a tragic incident that occurred years ago when a child was fatally hit by a car on this very street. Nobody had come to help that night, and the memories haunted them.

The child continued his rounds, collecting candy left outside the doors. Each house he visited was reminded of their past negligence and fearfully avoided opening their doors.

This child was the same one who had lost his life in the accident, now a ghostly presence revisiting the street that had once been his nightmare.

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