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To become a collector-engineer, training began at a young age for this demanding job. Only the best candidates were chosen. One day, a group of students and a teacher arrived at a power-plant to learn about their work.

Excitedly, one student said, “I can’t wait to see a smasher like this!”

Another student, Kattm, replied, “Me too!”

An employee welcomed them inside, and they saw a huge collection center through a glass wall. The engineers there processed a special energy source called inward energetic stars, which provided light, food, and power for their ships.

The students were fascinated by what they saw. One of them asked if they could see a collection up close. The employee obliged and showed them an animal held on a stand.

The students found the animal strange-looking and chuckled.

The teacher asked if anyone had more questions. Kattm raised his hand and saw the process of extracting energy from the animal. The employee explained that these stars were powerful and never died, but they needed to recharge after use.

Taar was amazed by the idea of a never-ending energy source. The employee clarified that they sent the star back to the planet to recharge in an organic host.

The teacher then asked the students to identify the animal. They whispered among themselves, and Kattm and Taar thought it might be called “homo sapiens.”

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