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Two and a half months before turning thirty-two, Ron Kasemero found himself in a situation he never imagined. There were two of them in the darkness, trying to figure out what to do next. Hugh, also known as “Sbarra,” described the hybrid they were after, and they listened to the screams coming from across the river.

Ron looked at the building where the hybrid resided, while Hugh mocked the angels they encountered. They contacted Leather for instructions, and he informed them that the object they sought was in the building.

After some contemplation, they decided to proceed with their mission. The surroundings were in ruins, and the stench of death filled the air. Ron wondered if they had forgotten something important before the hybrids and angels came into their world.

He asked Hugh how many times he had prayed in his life, to which Hugh responded with a dismissive answer. Finally, Ron felt everything becoming clear to him.

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