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Amidst the tapestry of temporal tides,

Where history’s empyreal symphony abides,

There stands the nation, an assemblage grand,

Borne on the shoulders of a valiant band.


Freedom’s clarion call, a tempestuous roar,

Echoes through epochs, forevermore,

And in the annals of a storied past,

Reside the names of heroes unsurpassed.


They, gallant sentinels of liberty’s flame,

In the crucible of adversity, staked their claim,

Their sinews interwoven with destiny’s thread,

For lofty ideals, they unceasingly bled.


From the crucible of oppression’s domain,

A phoenix of sovereignty began to attain

, Emerging resplendent from tyranny’s pall,

A nation’s genesis, heroic and tall.


In the crucible of struggle, resolute and stark,

They forged a path through shadows dark,

Their valor inscribed on history’s scroll,

Their legacy, a beacon to extol.



They scaled the ramparts of despot’s hold,

Each heartbeat a rhythm, each tale untold,

With ardor aflame, they sought to ignite,

A symphony of freedom, an unbroken flight.


In hallowed halls where their echoes dwell,

Their sacrifice resounds like a sacred bell,

For the nation’s tapestry, they wove each strand,

Freedom’s architects, a noble brand.


Oh, nation! In your tapestry enshrined,

The names of freedom’s fighters, intertwined,

A testament to courage, resolve, and might,

They kindled hope in liberty’s blinding light.


Let their stories resonate, age after age,

In every line of your storied page,

For they are the keystones, the pillars, the soul,

Whose valor and sacrifice have made you whole.


In valor’s embrace, your freedom fighters stand,

Guiding your destiny with an unwavering hand,

Nation and heroes, entwined in embrace,

A symphony of struggle, a timeless grace.


Written by Amitabha Bandyopadhyay, B.sc Ag 4th Year

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