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In a land of spices and colorful attire,

With a rich history that’ll never expire,

There once lived a group of freedom fighters bold,

Whose stories are occasionally told.


Of eastern lands where sun does rise

Proud India stands, a nation of the wise

From mountains high to the oceans wide

It boasts of beauty and spirit deep inside


Gandhi with words softer than breeze

Led the charge, showed the world India’s peace

Lal-Bal-Pal with thundering demands

Fired up a nation with patriotic hands


Subash with armies and revolution

Struggled for freedom with dedication

Bhagat Singh in his youthful glory

Exposed the British and their bloody story


The Iron Lady of British Raj

Jhansi Ki Rani stood for liberty and fight back

Each one an inspiration, each one a star

They gave their all, no matter how far.


India became a sovereign state.

And each year, this date, we celebrate.

Salute to the heroes, the undying flame

For our freedom, their sacrifice will remain.


India, a tapestry of stories wide,

Freedom’s fighters, side by side.

Their legacy lives, forever strong,

In the heart of a nation, where they belong.


Written by Soham Das, 4th Year

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