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In lands where heroes fought with might,

Their spirits ablaze, shining bright.

For a nation’s call, they took their stand,

Unyielding courage, united hand in hand.


Through trials and tribulations, they pressed on,

A symphony of hope, their battle song.

With every breath, they cried for liberty,

For a future where all could forever be free.


Their sacrifice and bravery knew no bounds,

On battlegrounds, where victory resounds.

They faced oppression and fought for rights,

Guided by unwavering, noble insights.


From Gandhi’s peaceful resistance, a beacon shown,

Through nonviolence, a path was sown.

And Mandela’s spirit, unbreakable and strong,

Inspired a nation to right the wrongs.


Malala, a symbol of youthful determination,

Stood against ignorance, with fierce dedication.

Women and men, warriors of equality,

Breaking chains, empowering unity.


Their names etched in history’s sacred tome,

These valiant souls made a nation’s home.

Their struggles, our reminder, forever endure,

To honor their legacy, we must secure.


So let us remember those who fought the fight,

Their hearts ablaze, igniting our own light.

For a nation and its freedom fighters we sing,

May their triumphs and stories forever bring.

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